The Effect of Art in our lives

Art plays a very vital role in our life, which means art is the source of entertainment in our lives. Without art, life will very dull and boring, just like a bar of chocolate without sweetness. There are various forms of art present in this world some of them are mentioned below in this article.

Let's start with music. Music is a tool, when you listen to it always makes you happy and if your mood is a little bit off then music is the thing that will cheer you up. Everyone loves to listen to music and enjoy it. The things which are related to music are dancing, singing, playing instruments, etc. All of the above-mentioned things are forms of art.

Paintings and drawings are the most famous form of art. Paintings always have a pleasing look towards your eyes, there are many forms of painting and also there are limitless thoughts or topics on which a painting can be made.

Sculpture or statue making is also very popular and it has a very old history. Stone is carved by an artist with perfection to make a magnificent sculpture or statue.

Sometimes you might have seen tall buildings covered in paintings and drawings, that is called murals. Murals are also found on street walls and walls alongside a road, which looks really amazing. Murals are of different kinds some have animals in them some have human characters and a lot more other things.

You might have seen beautiful houses with great decoration inside the house. The outer design is called architecture and the internal decorations are known as interior designing. Both of these play their part in making homes, offices, hotels, and other buildings amazing to look at and also to spend time in them.

Who does not like movies? What makes a great movie that everyone loves, is the actions performed by the actors and the story on which the movie is based. Great acting makes it look like that you are looking at something which is happening live in front of you. Both acting and story writing are forms of art.

Novels and books are the source of information, education, and entertainment for many people. Writing novels and books is literature and literature is a form of art. Writers use their artistic thinking, imagination, and storytelling to write novels of various types. If those things are good in a  novel then it makes it amazing to read that novel.

YouTube is a platform that is popular among people of all age groups. Most of the videos which you watch on youtube are made by independent creators which are made by using  the art of storytelling and videography.

The clothes which celebrities wear are made by fashion designers which just remarkably adds up to the look of a person. Fashion designing is a huge industry and many people have jobs affiliated with it.

Food is something which is the requirement of every human being. The delicious food which is made by chefs is scrumptious because chefs are the masters of culinary arts and they study it and practice it professionally in baking schools.

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